News from Turi


The news from Turi is good. The TCP in Kenya is making a real difference to the lives of the poorest families in the
village of Turi. 

When Dr Barr visited last March a chicken shed was under construction. Thanks to hard work from the small, but very
dedicated team, the shed is already in production of an average of 170 eggs daily. The eggs are sold locally and there is demand for more. The immediate benefits are in supplementing the children’s diet, teaching the children how to look after the chickens and a small regular income is building. Going forwards this will enable funds to be generated for the project and help meet the high demand for eggs in the community. The aim is to house around 450 chickens by early
summer. This is a very impressive initiative which is already reaping benefits for the children, and their village.

A new food preparation and cooking area is next on the list for TCP, to replace an old building that is no longer fit for purpose. Plans were drawn up with the help of a local architect and, through funds raised by Sherbourne College in
the UK, they are already in a position to start building. With 60+ hungry youngsters to feed daily this will be a much welcomed, essential facility.

Cramond Kirk continues to makes regular donations to help with the schooling of two pupils who attend a special school for the deaf. In order to keep up our support for the TCP we are holding a Cabaret Supper at the Royal Burgess Golf Club on Friday, 18 May with entertainment provided by Octavoce. Tickets cost £30 per person and are available from the Kirk Office on 336 2036 or at Please come and join us if you can.

Edith Butler
Turi Working Group

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