Harvest Thanksgiving Donations



As autumn takes a hold we think back to the productive and busy time we have had at Fresh Start over the summer. While all the services have been busy, it is perhaps our growing spaces which have had most success over the
last months. The warmer weather and regular rainfalls have meant that the allotments have been thriving and we have been able to produce a greater volume of fruit and vegetables than ever before.

This fresh produce is being used in our cooking classes with the surplus donated to local food banks. Because of this, more people not only receive help with store cupboard goods but also have access to fresh healthy food.

In autumn, food continues to be an important theme as many churches donate all, or at least part, of their Harvest
Thanksgiving collection. These large donations enable us to get more essential food packs out to people who need our
help in autumn and winter months. We would like to thank all from Cramond Kirk who gave so generously in this

We are also very grateful for all the continued donations of goods for the Starter Packs and I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to everyone who responds so quickly and generously to requests. Please continue this

Fay Wilson

Pictured outside the Fresh Start depot are Cramond Kirk's minister, Russell Barr, and church secretary, Louise Madeley, along with Rose, one of Fresh Start's staff members. Russell and Louise were delivering  two car loads of food items and cleaning materials - over £1,000 worth - which had been gifted by members of the congregation at Sunday's Harvest Thanksgiving service. These will be used for Fresh Start's Starter Packs and distributed to people who have been homeless and who are now making a home for themselves.

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