Turi Children's Project


For this update please let me hand you over to Rod Smith who now leads the project in the village of Turi in western
Kenya. Rod wrote in a recent e-mail:-

The chicken project has moved on well. We have around 180 eggs laid each day from the chickens on the lower floor. We have now purchased the additional 250 for the top floor and they are growing very fast indeed. They should be ready to start laying eggs in May. This will means we are having a daily income from the sale of eggs to the local village. The children help Michael with the care of the chickens, which means we are teaching them how to care for chickens should they have them in later life. We have no problem selling to the local villagers, in fact they always seem to want to purchase more than we can produce.

In February, we had our annual visit from the pupils from Guernsey. This year, with the help of a local builder, they built a lovely new climbing frame with ladders and steps etc. The children really enjoy this new addition. I will include photos etc in our next news update. We have nearly completed our new catering and food prep area. This is a brand new brick building, which has replaced a very old wooden building. This building has been very kindly donated by Sherbourne College in Dorset. As for plans going forward, you may be aware we had new toilets and showers built around 3 years ago. The water supply is cold at the moment. Each child has their own towel and they can shower when required. We are looking and developing plans to install solar panels to heat the water. Power supply in Kenya is not good so, along with other charities, we are looking to install a basic solar heating system.

Copies of a new information leaflet that Rod sent are available from the Kirk Office at cramond.kirk@blueyonder.co.uk.
You can also find out more by visiting the TCP Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/TCP.Kenya and their new
website will hopefully be up and running by the time you are reading this.

Edith Butler

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