It's Our Centenary Issue!

When the first edition of a then-unnamed Kirk newsletter dropped through the letterboxes of the people of Cramond in
November 1993, giving details of the Christmas Fair and Services, I doubt anyone anticipated we’d still be perusing  that very same magazine some 25 years later. 
The second issue, published in March 1994, contained Easter Eating recipes from Masterchef Sue Lawrence.

By the third issue, following a competition, the magazine had a name. Eschewing suggestions like Cramond Eggs and
Cramond Cantorial, the shortlist included Cramond Eagle, Pew Review and the Cramond Kirk Beacon, but the winner -
announced by Russell Barr in his sermon of 5 June 1994 - was The Grapevine.

“... through the grapevine of the magazine an important ministry takes place,” said Dr Barr. “If there is a message of
community, if people sense that the holy gift of sanctuary is being offered them, and that whatever need they bring will be met with compassion and healing care, then not just the magazine but the Church itself will be the grapevine. 
A local artist designed the viticultural artwork that still features in our masthead. And by the seventh issue, The Grapevine had expanded to an A4 format, and started to carry adverts, helping to offset printing costs. Issue 10
contained photos for the first time. Gradually the number of pages expanded, as more articles flooded in. In 2001 The
Grapevine went online too, giving readers all over the world the opportunity to find out what was happening in Cramond. 
Over the years The Grapevine has carried articles on cycling, concerts and Christian Aid, sculpture, stamps and scouting; poetry and prayer; history and harvest festivals .... We’ve followed (with more than a little pride) the progress of Fresh Start; tracked the routes of the Cramond Walkers; been provoked and entertained by A View from the Choir Gallery. Children whose baptisms were recorded in early Parish Registers have married and become parents themselves. 
A huge sustained volunteer effort has been critical to the magazine’s longevity. David and Christine Fairweather have
edited The Grapevine for the past 50 issues; Grahame Boyne (and previously Brenda Wilson) collate the adverts; Irene Dunn (and previously Willie Prest) plan and commission content; Parish Committee conveners have mobilised a vast distribution network to ensure the magazine reaches everyone in the Cramond and Barnton area. Louise Madeley, our Church Secretary, quietly ensures all the components come together smoothly. 

And now, following this landmark edition, The Grapevine is changing again. Our next issue will appear in full colour, with more photos, fewer pages, and shorter articles. Longer features will be published online: you can read them in full on our website 
This reflects the way more of us get our news nowadays, and an increasing move towards digital channels. It is also responds to the need for The Grapevine to remain financially sustainable. Hopefully too, it will mean lighter loads for the delivery team!

Thank you, our loyal readers and contributors, for your continuing support; we hope you will enjoy the refreshed
colour format in coming issues. Here’s to the next 100!
Jane Robson

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