Turi Children's Project


Life in Turi is a challenge few of us here can fully comprehend, especially for the children. Many have lost one or both parents to AIDS and even although they want to go to school, they may not have the clothing or basic writing materials to allow them to go. Family burdens are laid on a generation that should be retired and many do not have a shoulder to lean on. Turi Children’s Project is there and making a difference.

Cramond Kirk has been supporting the TCP for the past couple of years, always hoping to strengthen our relationship, and this March a huge step was taken when our minister was able to visit during his official trip to Kenya as Moderator of the General Assembly. Russell and Margaret tell me that seeing the project was a highlight of their trip. They tell me it was a great privilege to be able to visit the Project, meet the staff and the children, and also very reassuring to find it is being well run and to know that whatever we are able to offer will make a considerable difference. Given the poverty of the Turi community, at one level the Project is barely scratching the surface but for the children and families concerned, it is providing a lifeline without which many of them would not survive into adult life.

Margaret and Russell took presents from Cramond Kirk to the children and the photos speak for themselves. Early in the year £144 was sent towards for school fees for John and Sarah who we are helping sponsor through school. As a result of this year’s jumble sale, Margaret and Russell also took with them a donation of £1,000 towards the ambitious project to build a chicken shed. TCP’s aim is to educate some of the children in looking after the birds and make some income from the produce. TCP has many other hopes for the future, such as providing training in hairdressing, computer skills, carpentry, gardening and cooking for those not able to continue their later years at school. They would also like new, sturdy gates for the centre and internet connection for the benefit of the whole community.

The heartfelt thanks we receive from Turi, and the pictures of children smiling despite their daily struggles are all the encouragement we need to continue our support.

We look forward to more visits from Cramond folk in the years to come and meanwhile the correspondence and
fundraising will not be abating.

Edith Butler

November 2016
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