Cramond Kirk Christmas Fair

The Cramond Kirk Christmas Fair will be held this year on Saturday, 2 December starting at 11.30 am. As in previous years, two thirds of the proceeds will be divided between the Kirk and Fresh Start . This year the other one third of the proceeds will go to BRAIN TUMOUR ACTION (BTA).

BTA is an Edinburgh based charity with four major aims:

• to support patients, carers and families of those with a brain tumour
• to develop training programmes for those working with brain tumour sufferers
• to provide information on brain tumours and their treatment
• to support research into brain tumours

I know from personal experience that the diagnosis of a brain tumour is a frightening and often life changing
experience both for the patient and the relatives. I also know that for the carer and the family it is so helpful to
have people to turn to who have knowledge and expertise in the field of brain tumours. BTA provides information, support and counselling to all in need.

There is a confidential Helpline which aims to deal with your call within 24 hours. There are information leaflets
online and links to local support groups operating throughout the UK by different charities including BTA. BTA also organises events for patients and families such as the family day outing to Blair Drummond Safari Park which was organised earlier this year. There is also an annual newsletter called Kite which gives news of the latest BTA activities, new research and fund-raising activities.

There are no employees in BTA. All the work is carried out by committed volunteers.

More information can be found by clicking here -

I hope you will agree that BTA is a very worthy cause for us to support and I hope you will show your support both by donating goods to the various stalls which are all advertised in the Grapevine (see under About Us on the website) and by coming along on the 2nd December to join in the fun.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Lesley Hoyle (Convenor)

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