Tomatoes for Christian Aid


Last year was a good year for growing tomatoes. While fruits appeared late, some of us were still harvesting into late October.

A record £202 was raised for Christian Aid from pre-ordered tomato plant sales together with the tomato & other donated plants at the Christian Aid Fair in Cramond Kirk Hall on 15 May 2016 and we were only just able to meet demand!

Now is the time to plan for the 2017 season. Supplies of award-winning “Ailsa Craig”, “Cherry” “Gardener’s Delight” and other varieties will be available, complete with growing-on instructions, in time for Cramond Kirk’s Christian Aid Fair which will take place in the Hall on Sunday, 14 May. Pre-orders will usually be delivered prior to the Fair.

These may be grown in large pots or Gro-Bags in greenhouses, conservatories, porches or on windowsills as well as outside in well-sheltered positions. Over the past 30 years over £3,500 has been raised for Christian Aid in this way. Easy to grow, especially for beginners or for the more experienced gardener, the sight, scent and taste of ripe red (and occasionally yellow) tomatoes, just ready to pick , provides a welcome change from the pre-packaged variety which may have travelled thousands of miles by air to the supermarket.

Ensure your supplies now, priced at 90p per plant, by contacting Michael Dick on 281 7981 (or Crichton Mouat on 334 6583) for standard “Ailsa Craig” and other plants plus the smaller & popular red “Cherry” variety. You too could be enjoying freshly-plucked tomatoes this summer in addition to being kind to the environment, but do hurry to place your order as supplies are limited and are of course subject to the weather!

Michael Dick
Tomato Plant Co-Ordinator

November 2016
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