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Sunday Club News - Special "Lockdown" Edition

Although we can’t meet up together, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have lots of fun. So here’s our special issue of the Sunday Club newsletter …

Godly Play Goes Zoom !

Last Sunday, Alex and Edith were joined by 8 Sunday Clubbers for a Godly Play session on Zoom and it worked so well, they’re going to be “zooming” at 10 am every Sunday morning. If you haven’t used zoom it’s very easy. You just download the free Zoom app onto any device (which has a camera and speakers) and you’re ready to go. Alex has a log-in link for the session so all you have to do is e-mail the Kirk Office at and we can send you the link.

Easter Cards

The Brownies and Guides are busy making Easter cards for any of their neighbours who they know to be alone or self-isolating this Easter and we thought the Sunday Club youngsters might like to do the same. We realise it’s not easy to deliver cards at the moment but perhaps you could pop one through a neighbour’s door when you are out for your daily walk.

Rainbow Windows

And how about cheering up your neighbours by joining in with the “Rainbow Windows”.  All you have to do is to make a big rainbow picture and stick it in your front window for all your neighbours to see and hopefully it will cheer everybody up.smiley

Fun on the Web

Here are just a few sites some of the Sunday Club have recommended. If you know of more, please let us know at

Diary of a Disciple – if you love Tom Gates’ books, then you’ll love Diary of a Disciple and you can find it here -

Wonderzone – from the Scripture Union which teaches both science and Christianity at the same time

Colouring the Bible - if you fancy colouring in some of your favourite Bible stories, then here’s a few for you :

The Lego Challenge – and if you fancy a spot of Lego building, then why not try Lego’s 30 day challenge :

and if after all that colouring and Lego building, you need something a bit more energetic, then what about –

Keep Fit with Joe Wicks – I’m sure many of you are already doing Joe’s daily workout but if not, you’ll find him on YouTube at 9 am.

The Easter Story

With Easter only two weeks away, here are a couple of sites which tell the Easter story in a rather unusual way! - 

As told by Minecraft -

As told by Lego -


And knowing that many of our youngsters are worried about the coronavirus and their families, especially grandparents, and friends, we thought the advice given on the Young Scot website might be helpful.

You can find the link here - Young Scot


We very much look forward to seeing you back at church soon and in the meantime, please stay safe and well.

The Sunday Club Team