Edinburgh Doors Open Days 2020


This year Edinburgh Doors Open Day is being held on-line on 26 & 27 September. Along with another 71 venues across Edinburgh, Cramond Kirk is taking part with its new video on the history of the Kirk available to watch at https://www.cockburnassociation.org.uk/dod/cramond-kirk

We hope you enjoy putting your feet up with a warm cuppa while visiting the sites of Edinburgh from the comfort of your own home. The link to all the sites can be found at https://www.cockburnassociation.org.uk/doorsopendays


As part of Edinburgh Doors Open Day, the Kirk was also used as a venue for members of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra to play, with a violin duo recording several pieces in the Kirk, and the SCO will be streaming the performance live on Saturday, 26 September at 1 pm on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/scottishchamberorchestra). The recording will then be available to view on Facebook for the next month or so.