Turi Children's Project


Thank you to everyone who came to the Royal Burgess Golf Club on 18 May in aid of the Turi Children’s Project. It is truly wonderful that we allowed ourselves to indulge in an evening of good food, friendship and entertainment and yet
raise the healthy sum of £1,370. 

The golf club served a delicious meal and our compliments go to the chef and all the staff who looked after us. The after dinner entertainment was from the angelic voices of Octavoce. This choir of eight vocalists performed a wide range of songs totally unaccompanied which held us spell bound as we listened. They were led by the vivacious and talented Jenny Sterling, who is choir leader of the Cramond Community Choir. Anyone who has attended one of their concerts, and heard Jenny sing, will know how high the standard was of our evening’s recital. Inspired and organised by Leslie Pendreigh, the evening ran faultlessly. Thank you Leslie.

Rod Smith, co-ordinator of the TCP, is currently home on a break in the UK but he assures us they are moving forward and we will have a newsletter soon. By the look of their Facebook page there is certainly plenty activity with a new catering room, toilets and increased vocational training areas for skills such as hairdressing. The caretaker has also received a bicycle to aid his delivery of supplies. 

Thank you to everyone who helps support the TCP.

Edith Butler

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