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Easter Sunday, 12 April 2020

WELCOME and although we will not be able to greet one another in person, a very happy Easter to you and yours. If this is not quite the Easter any of us had expected, the women who went to the tomb on the first Easter morning had no expectation of what they were about to find. May God's gift of new life and hope take you by surprise this Easter day - and please share the Good News and the Kirk News as far and wide as you can.

TWITTER & FACEBOOK! As we are sure you all know, the Kirk has both a Twitter feed at @cramondkirk1 and a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/cramondkirk2 so please do keep in touch on  either to check all the latest news & happenings. Both are also accessible from the Kirk website at www.cramondkirk.org.uk & if you do visit either site, please remember to “like” our page.

WEEKLY SERVICES  While we are unable to hold services in the Kirk, Russell & Iain have taken to Facebook.

Daily Devotions - from Monday to Saturday you’ll find a “Daily Devotion” from either Russell or Iain. These are available on Facebook & on the “Video” page of the Kirk website (you’ll find the “Video” tab at the top of the Kirk’s homepage). The text of the Daily Devotions is available under “Latest News”

Morning Service - every Sunday at 10 am Russell will be holding a short morning service. The service is pre-recorded so if you can’t manage to watch at 10 am, it will be available to watch on the Kirk’s Facebook page at any time as well as on the “video” page of the Kirk website along with a separate audio version (please see above).

Pause for Thought - Iain’s “Pause for Thought” will also continue to be broadcast live on Facebook at 7.15 pm every Thursday and he hopes you will be able to join him. If anyone needs help or advice on how to join Facebook, please be in touch with the Kirk Office at cramond.kirk@blueyonder.co.uk as Iain has created a guide on how to join.

SUNDAY CLUB The Sunday Club youngsters & leaders are meeting every Sunday morning at 10 am on Zoom. Sunday Club starts with children’s church, presented by either Russell or Iain. Edith and Alex then lead a Godly Play session and this coming Sunday, we’ll be breaking into two groups thereafter with the older Sunday Club children having a chance to chat while the younger ones enjoy a “keep fit” session followed by crafts.  We’re also trying to work out how to have a virtual Easter egg hunt! If any youngsters would like to join Sunday Club Zoom, please let Louise in the Kirk Office know (cramond.kirk@blueyonder.co.uk) and she can send out an invite.

CHRISTIAN AID QUIZ While Christian Aid Week cannot go ahead this year, that doesn’t spell the end for the Christian Aid Quiz! So time to put on those thinking caps over a cup of coffee/tea/small glass of wine. The quiz is available by clicking HERE or from the Kirk Office – call 336 2036 or e-mail cramond.kirk@blueyonder.co.uk and we can send out a paper copy - & we would simply ask that you consider making a donation of £5 (or more) to Christian Aid. Please click CHRISTIAN AID for the link to their website. Any completed or “as near as” completed quizzes should be returned to the Kirk Office – e-mail or post – by Friday, 8 May.

EASTER CARDS Many thanks to all the Sunday Club children and Brownies & Guides who made just over 90 Easter cards. These have been handed out to elderly people in the district & to those in the care homes and Russell added a wee note wishing them well.

FRESH START – SPRING CLEANING  As many people are busy filling their days with vigorous spring cleaning & cupboard tidying, please remember to put aside any items that could be used in Fresh Start’s starter packs. You’ll find a list of items they need on their website & they will be needed more than ever once Fresh Start opens its doors again … Meanwhile, if you would like to make a donation to Fresh Start to enable them to buy food for emergency food packs, please visit their website at www.freshstartweb.org.uk or you can donate by bank transfer to Fresh Start’s HBOS account - sort code: 80-11-05 & account no: 00470086.

CAN YOU HELP CROSSREACH? CrossReach is in urgent need of volunteers to help them continue providing vital care services to some of the most vulnerable individuals in society during this unprecedented healthcare emergency.  The need is greatest in their residential care facilities & other services for the elderly. In particular they are looking for volunteers who have experience of working in care and/or nursing. Potential helpers might have looked after a relative in the past or would even like to learn new skills.  In addition, those with existing membership of the PVG scheme would be fast tracked into helping as soon as possible. The types of tasks they need assistance with are keeping people company/engaged, help with feeding residents, supporting hydration needs & general cleaning tasks.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in place & would, of course, be provided. If you or anyone you know is currently on furlough & might be interested in volunteering, please e-mail Mari Rennie, CrossReach’s Director of HR at mari.rennie@crossreach.org.uk.  They would be immensely grateful for our support at this time.

PRAY TOGETHER Church groups across Scotland are asking Christians to join in prayer at 7 pm on Sunday evenings. Last Sunday, thousands of Christians across Scotland answered the call to pray at the same time. Rt Rev Colin Sinclair, Moderator of the General Assembly, said: "When so much is not normal, how lovely it can be to come together at 7 pm each Sunday and have a few moments in which we can pray together. Let me encourage you to keep hope alive and join with us in prayer."



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