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Our Pastoral Care Assistant (elderly care) is Diane Williams (email:  Click on the blue link below to access her list of useful resources or contact her for the information you need. 



FAQ: What happens if one of us goes into hospital and a spouse needs care?

Call Edinburgh Council’s Social Care Direct department.  They can arrange emergency care cover.  Tel 0131 200 2324. After an occupational therapist has worked with the patient to assess how they manage, if a person requires assistance at home then a package of care will be put in place through the hospital.  Following the occupational therapist’s professional advice the hospital Social Work Dept will be informed of the discharge from hospital and seek to find the right amount of care required.  Social Work will contact providers for access to information on availability and requirement. This can take the form initially of a hospital discharge team bridging care until a care package is in place. It is always good to have a keysafe in place for carers. This can be purchased independently and attached to an outside wall by Care and Repair, who are fully vetted. There are four local areas within Edinburgh Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast.  Each area is supported by care providers which are researched depending upon availability or care workers. There are 90 care provider organisations within Edinburgh.  Care is based upon individual requirements and can range from one visit a day to four. Notably although you may be a couple each person is assessed individually.  However as sometimes happens with assessment a double care package is provided.  This is done by assessment at home depending upon your requirements.  You may be asked to show your ability to climb stairs or how you generally manage.  Disability aids are available ie higher cushions, zimmer frames, bedrails, and commodes through the occupational therapist. Cramond is in the northwest locality and served by some 200 carers.











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