The date and time of your wedding is made in consultation with the Minister.  The Minister will be happy to discuss any questions you have and any particular requests you would like to make.


The Beadle will arrange with you that a short rehearsal take place shortly before the date of your wedding. As many of the wedding party should attend the rehearsal as possible : bride and groom plus best man, bridesmaid(s), flower girls, page boys, and whoever is giving the bride away.


The Minister will be happy to discuss with you the choice of hymns for the service and he will arrange for you to meet with the church organist to discuss the choice of music.


You are invited to place your own flowers in the church for the wedding service. Two arrangements are permitted – one arrangement on the Communion table at the front of the Kirk and one pedestal arrangement. Flowers should remain in the church for the Sunday services at the close of which the Minister will arrange for them to be distributed to some of the housebound or elderly people of the congregation and to those in hospital.   Arrangements should be made with the Beadle to ensure that the church is open for the flowers to be delivered and arranged.  If you need advice on flowers and florists, please contact Mrs Dorothy Pendreigh (see contact details below).


No flash photography is allowed during the service.

Audio and video recordings are allowed and the Minister will be happy to discuss this with you.


You must notify the Registrar of your intention to be married not less than FIVE weeks before the date of your wedding.

There are three Registrar's Offices.  The offices operate an ‘appointment only’ system, Mon – Fri, 9 am to 4.30 pm.

59-63 George IV Bridge        30 Ferry Road                16 Station Road

Edinburgh                            Edinburgh                     Kirkliston

EH1 1RN                               EH6 4AE                         EH29 9BE

Tel : 0131 529 2600                Tel:  0131 554 8452         Tel: 0131 529 6920

The Registrar will issue you with a Marriage Schedule which should be given to the Minister at the time of the Rehearsal.

This document is signed and then returned to the Registrar who will issue you with your Marriage Certificate.

Please do not forget about the Schedule because your marriage CANNOT take place without it.


                  Church (Donation to Upkeep)         £500

                  Church Organist                               £180

                  Beadle                                              £125

                  TOTAL                                                £805

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is due upon booking the church with the balance due one month before your wedding.  The balance and the fees for the Organist and Beadle should be sent to the Kirk Office, 16 Cramond Glebe Road, Edinburgh, EH4 6NS, preferably as three separate items, in cash or cheques.  The gift of a print of a painting of Cramond Kirk by Neil Blacklaws will be given to each couple married in the Kirk.


The Beadle will arrange for the Church to be open in good time.

Parking is available at the rear of the church beside the Kirk Hall.

The ushers should arrive at the church thirty minutes before the start of the service to welcome guests and distribute hymn sheets.


There are many rooms in the Kirk Hall that you might like to make use of, for example before the ceremony to offer a cup of coffee to your guests after they have travelled a long distance or for the whole reception, using your own or contract caterers.  Please contact David Haggarty on 0131 312 6911 or 07491 678854 for more information or e-mail him at


All of the contacts below can be reached through the Kirk Office on

0131 336 2036 or at


Rev Ian Gilmour


Mrs Louise Madeley


Mr Simon Bertram   


Mr David Haggarty


Mrs Dorothy Pendreigh

We hope that your wedding day is a very happy one for you and we promise to give you every help and support to make it so.

With blessings on you both.

                                                                             THE MINISTER

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