Pray in May with Mary's Meals

Pray in May with Mary’s Meals 

This month Mary's Meals invites us to join them in praying for the work of Mary’s Meals, whose mission is to feed children a daily school meal in some of the world’s poorest communities. This meal brings children into the classroom where they can get an education, offering hope of a better future. Their work began with prayer, and prayer has sustained their rapid growth - from feeding 200 children in 2002 to feeding over 1.8 million children today. Please join them in praying for:

  • all the children who receive Mary’s Meals   
  • all those who have grown up eating Mary’s Meals and gone out into the world as adults 
  • all the children still waiting for Mary’s meals, that we will be able to reach them soon.

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Lord God, we entrust the work of Mary’s Meals to your tender care; that children throughout this world will see their lives transformed through the promise of a daily meal at school; that our volunteers across the world on whom this work depends will be filled with hope and strength; that new seeds of possibility will be planted, and more people will discover their place in the Mary’s Meals family.