Speaking Truth to Power

In his sermon on Sunday, 11 July Reverend Ian Gilmour spoke of the importance of speaking out boldly to those in power. With President Xi of China attending the UN COP Conference in October, Ian has written a letter to President Xi (see below), requesting that he do all in his power to reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming. If you would like to add your signature to Ian’s letter, copies are available at the Kirk doors on a Sunday morning, in the Main Hall after the 10 am service and in the Kirk Office every weekday morning.


The text of Ian's letter is as follows :


Dear President Xi,

The children of the world need your help. As one the world’s most powerful individuals you have a unique opportunity to make a huge difference to their future.  Children expect to live on this planet long after your life is over.  During this year, when you will visit our country Scotland, you could be instrumental in hugely improving their chances of longer, healthier and happier lives. 

Please use your knowledge as a science graduate and follow the research of the world’s top climate scientists. Acknowledge that climate change is real, dangerous and damaging. This summer record rises in temperature have been experienced in North America and more extreme weather conditions are being seen on all continents. This will have dire consequences for millions of children from Bangladesh to Beijing, from Hotan to Phoenix unless you and other key leaders act. You have said, "Humankind can no longer afford to ignore the repeated warnings of nature.”  Reveal your wisdom at the Glasgow summit by supporting the main suggestions of the UN Cop 26 conference in October.

The first recommendation is:  “Secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach. Countries are being asked to come forward with ambitious 2030 emission reduction targets that align with reaching net zero by the middle of the century. To deliver on this target, countries will need to accelerate the phase-out of coal.”

Chinese leadership is crucial to this key policy.  Currently the main form of global air pollution is from coal burning power stations and Chinese plants in Asia and Africa are the major culprits, generating five times more greenhouse gasses than any other nation. 

Giving your full support to the battle against climate change will lighten the gloom hanging over the world’s children, whose future is under threat. We, the undersigned, urge you to act as your commitment to the children of our fragile planet.

Thanking you in anticipation,